Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy Belated Mothers Day!

Well Happy (late) Mothers Day to all the Moms out there! I had a nice day with Gilles and Isabelle :) I woke up to breakfast being made for us - scrambled eggs, homemade hashbrowns, bacon and baked beans Mmmmmm! It was so good! We just hung around the house together, went out for a few groceries and bbq'd for supper, it was a nice day! And a great end to a fun weekend! This past weekend was the LCOM Spring Crop, and as usual, Tinkie did a fabulous job! I don't know how she does it all! Awesome food, great prizes, great challenges, great people, great sales at the store, and awesome goodie bags for each of us, handmade by Tink! I can't wait for the next one already!

Isabelle. Omg. She is growing up WAY too fast! It's crazy! I can't believe she will be a year old this month! She is sooo amazing! I love to just watch her, see her exploring her world, she is awesome! She is so smart, so funny, so beautiful! She has 7 teeth now, is drinking from her sippy cup much better, and still nursing! LOL I'm not sure how I will get her away from this, I love nursing her, and she loves it too!
Watching her with Shadow is too funny. She likes to lay on the floor and look at him under the coffee table, she thinks this is hilarious! She also likes to share all her food with him haha. No wonder he is always near her! No really, he seems to be quite protective of her. The other day she was coughing, and he ran over to make sure she was ok, then licked her face when he reallized everything was alright and left lol. He is pretty funny!

Do you spring clean? Ugh, I feel like there is SO much to do here and so much I need to go through and get rid of. We have only been here three years, ow did we accumulate so much?? Isabelle already has I don't know how many garbage bags full of clothes that don't fit her anymore that I really should go through and get rid of...there are a few things that I will keep though :)

Until next time...hopefully not in 3 months hahaha...