Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Under the table and dreaming

Its the title of a cd by one of my fav bands - The Dave Matthews Band. I thought about it the other day when my little family and I were all hanging out in Isabelles 'fort' under the dining room table. She loves to go under the table, so I put a comforter and a big pillow under there for her, she seems quite pleased! Who knew 8 years ago when Gilles and I met that we would be doing such weird and wonderful things together. I really had fun under the table with them, funny eh? The little things we do together bring me so much joy. The other night, after several days of no sun but extreme humidity, we all went in the pool. I just threw on a Tshirt, and Isabelle went starkers! It must be so annoying to have a diaper on all day in this weather! She loves the pool, and she loves skinny dipping hehe. We had such a great time swimming around, Gilles chasing after Isabelle...her laughs and shrieks are music to my ears.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Heat Heat GO Away!!!!!

Ok, I LOVE summer, but this heat is killing me! Its awful being sticky all day! And yes, I know that in a few short months I'll be whining about the awful winter LOL. Thank goodness we have the pool so at least we can all hop in and cool off for a few minutes. I really hope to get some scrapping done this weekend, I haven't even started on my LCOM DT kit yet, and I can't wait to! Hopefully tomorrow I will be hanging out with Emily and Amanda too! Gilles is off to a skeetshooting competition, hope he does well!
I was checking out Tim Holtzs blog this afternoon - OMG the new papers are Awesome! The vintage looking tags are my fav! Can't wait to see these IRL and hopefully pick some up! Same as the new stamps! I just want everything that he makes! I wish I had his talent and imagination!
Well off to tend to my cranky baby LOL, I don't think this heat is doing much for her either, even with only a diaper on!