Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My little Santa Baby!

First Christmas

Isabelles first Christmas was so great!! She really seemed to like opening her gifts - even if she really did only want to eat the wrapping paper haha. Having her here makes everything better, and it certainly made Christmas awesome! Isabelle did really seem to like her gifts, particulary an Elmo phone and Super Sleuth Winnie the Pooh from Daddy! My parents and one of my younger sisters came for dinner which was nice, I love spending time with them, and Isabelle adores my parents.
On Sunday Gilles took me on a date - we went to see Avatar, and it was amazing! It was the most beautiful movie I have ever seen. The 3D was awesome, and the graphics and scenery in the movie were breathtaking. I laughed, cried, and yelled at the screen. Yup, crazy lady right here! I love getting out with Gilles, but it is definately nice to see Isabelle when we pick her up at my parents!
Monday was my neice Madis 2nd birthday. Its hard to believe 2 years have gone by already...I remember when Stacy was in the hospital, and I was there as her birthing coach. I was the first one to hold Madison, and it was amazing. Also watching what she went through in labour really prepared me for when it was my turn. She was so cute at her birthday party, mostly interested in her helium ballons though lol. And I had no idea that a 2 year old would like to receive clothing! She was squealing and grinning when she opened my gift, it was so cute!
Isabelle was 7 months on Sunday...I can't believe that either...she is growing so fast, learning so much, changing all the time, and always making us laugh! She really keeps us on our toes now as she is all over the place! She is amazing, and I feel so lucky to have her, and that she is healthy.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas baking!

This is the first time I have ever done my own Christmas baking, and I discovered that I have really missed baking! I made skor squares, frogs, scotch cookies - thank you for the super easy recipe Amanda!! - and mud puddles - thank you for this new to me treat and recipe Darlene!! I think we need a bigger fridge because there is no room left in there now! Going to have to eat it all before the turkey gets here! Haha!
Well I was hoping that Isabelle was going to go to bed early tonight, I know, its a crazy request, but she did go to bed last night at 8:30! I guess it was a one time deal! Of course the one time she does go to bed before 11 or 12, the phone has to ring at 11:30 and then I couldn't get back to sleep for a few hours! Grrrrrr! Right now she is fussing and rubbing her eyes, but she still won't sleep. Thats my stubborn little monkey!
I went to Amandas Christmas party on Saturday - Gilles stayed home with Isabelle, so I got to eat and drink on my own without her little mitts trying to steal everything! There was lots of food, I was stuffed when I left! And I got a great Christmas gift from Amanda, as well as an awesome cupcake from the Royal Cupcake Company which Emilys mom owns - thank you Lorraine!!
Well, tomorrow is another Monday, I can't believe Christmas is only a few days away! I hope to get out tomorrow and grab a few last things so I don't have to go out again before Friday! Have a great week everyone!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

LCOM DT Reveal and then some...

The LCOM DT reveal was this past Friday evening, and here are a few pics of my work :) Ok, more than a few lol. But I like them all!

I had a great weekend. Friday night we stayed in and watched a movie....but then Friday night I couldn't get to sleep for some reason?? Isabelle went to sleep, but I couldn't for hours. Then I was up a few times to feed her, so I only got about 2 hours of sleep. Saturday morning I got ready for the crop - packed up my scrappy supplies and packed up Isabelle to take her to Mom and Dads for the day. I always feel like I am forgetting something when I leave the house...and Saturday I really did. I was almost to Moms and realized I forgot Isabelles bottles. Well I was going to be scrapping for about 7 hours, so I think she may need some food in that time! Luckily Gilles drove them in so I didn't have to drive back home :)
Ok, off to the crop! It was at KVHS, a charity crop for one of the LCOM ladies MelW - for Jostens Renaissance. I sat with Emily and Kelly - I had really been missing Em (yeah, she lives down the street lol) and I hadn't seen Kel in awhile, love scrapping with her! Plus Em brought me and awesome Christmas gift!! Love you!
The food was really good, Kelly had the tunes going, and I got a few DT l/os done, and a few cards for challenges! Not too shabby! I ate way too much, had about 4 skor squares! They are too good!! Tanya was there with the LCOM store which was awesome as usual!! Picked up some orders plus some! The new Maya Rd goodies are so beautiful! And seeing Tanya always brightens my day. I also won a couple cool door prizes, and won some of MelWs gorgeous cards in the Silent Auction!! I wish mine were that good!!
After the crop I went to my sisters house as my parents had Isabelle there for a visit. I ended up staying awhile, it was nice to spend time with the family! Kathryn had some great goodies for me too from her trip to the states. I drove home really slowly as it had been raining and snowing, and the rds were slippery and there was quite a bit of water down.
We woke up Sunday morning to everything being covered in a perfect white blacket of snow! Now, I am not a fan of winter, snow or cold... but there is no denying the beauty of that first snow when everything is pure white and sparkly and clean. I got a pic of the backyard to scrap. Plus Shadow loves to dive into the snowbanks which is always good for a laugh! Gilles got the studded tires on the car, and brought the tree in tonight, it looks so nice! I can't wait to get it decorated!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The 12 Days of Christmas at LCOM!

12 Days of Christmas LCOM Style!!! I can't think of a better way to get into the Holiday Spirit!!!
The LCOM Design Team will be hosting 12 days of challenges, there will be 12 days of prizes just for checking the forum and signing up in the appropriate thread! And of course there will be something new on sale each day!! I hope you will join us!! We began today, so get on the boards!!!

Monday, November 30, 2009

It's 11:35 pm...

And I'd sure like to be sleeping! But I'm not, so here we are. Apparently Isabelle once again thinks that night time is kick Mum time, and day time is for sleeping :) Aw well, I get some bruises and sleep half the day! LOL
There is a lot going on at LCOM right now! We have gotten our names for Secret Santa, so I'll be packing mine up some goodies and mailing them out this week. It looks like the Secret Santa reveal will be Christmas Eve, so that will be fun! It'll be cool to see who got who.
We are also doing an LCOM Holiday Wish List - you can go into the store, pick out some goodies you would like to have, then email your list to Tink. Get your hubby to contact Tink with what he would like to spend, she will pick out some goodies for you, wrap them up and ship them out for Christmas! Also a great idea for your friends and family who aren't sure what to get you!
Tomorrow we are kicking off LCOMs 12 Days of Christmas! We will have prizes every day - just for signing into the right thread at the right time! We will also have a DT challenge each day, as well as new sales each day! Come join us and win some goodies!!
Ok, the kicking has calmed a bit, maybe I can go to sleep now! Cross your fingers for me!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Cropped Tonight!

I just got home from a crop at the Amsterdam Inn, and I had a great time! The LCOM store was there, so I got lots of great scrappy goodies, including my next awesome DT Kit!!! It was so nice to hang out with Emily, Tanya and Amanda - and to meet some new scrappers too! Some of the LCOM ladies also stopped in to shop and say hi - so nice to see you all!! Glad you liked your RAK Michelle!! It was great to meet you in person, and you were so sweet to help us lug in the store!
Also I must say that the customer service at the Amsterdam is awesome! The gals at the front desk were sooo friendly and helpful! They put up with all my questions and bugging them for tables and a luggage cart...even got me a glass of wine from the bar and lent Em and I their umbrella when we had to head out into the downpour to pack up the cars!
So thank you to Tanya and Roger for driving all the way down here in this messy weather and bringing your awesome store! And thanks to my scrappy friends for a great night out!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Giveaway on Donna Downeys Blog!

I love to visit this blog daily just because I love her work, and Donna seems so down to earth and friendly on her video blogs! She has another great giveaway today! Go here to check it out!! http://donnadowney.typepad.com/

Monday, November 23, 2009

Blog Hop Winner!!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the LCOM DT Blog Hop!!! It was our first, and definately won't be our last!!! The winner of my RAK - the Karen Foster advent calendar - is Mickerr!!! Congrats, and thank you for following both blogs hun!!! PM me your addy and I'll get your prize to you!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Blog Hop!!!!

Hi and Welcome to the Let's Capture Our Memories Design Team Blog Hop!!! To start, please go to the LCOM Blog - http://letscaptureourmemories.blogspot.com/ . Visit each of the blogs in the order given! Leave a comment on each blog and return to the LCOM Blog. Leave a comment there telling us you have completed the Blog Hop and your name will be put into a draw for some fun goodies by Let's Capture Our Memories!!http://www.letscaptureourmemories.com/ Along the way you may also have chances to win prizes from the individual Blog owners, so make sure to read each Blog post! Here is the Blog Hop order!

LCOM Blog - http://www.letscaptureourmemories.com/

Zoe Nemburt - http://ceydaboo.blogspot.com/

Jenn DiPaolo - http://divadsgn.blogspot.com/

Melissa Mann - http://www.iheartpenquins.blogspot.com/

Guiseppa Gubler - http://guiseppagubler.blogspot.com/

Amy Daigle - http://isabellenathalielillian.blogspot.com/

Allisons Blog - http://yourmemoriescanada.blogspot.com/

Back to the LCOM Blog - http://letscaptureourmemories.blogspot.com/

Thanks for playing along, now you can Hop over to Allisons Blog!

A bit about me...

1. I love to read, and Dean Koontz is my favorite author. I collect my books, I don't ever get rid of them after I read them. I collect all the different covers of Anne Rice novels.

2. I get my creative side from my Dad. He likes to doodle and draw like me, and also collects journals like I do. He made my Mom a great pair of earrings recently.

3. I love to go four wheeling, but I haven't gone for a couple of years and I miss it! Same with fishing!

4. I collect elephants :) All kinds - trunk up or down, stuffed, glass, wooden, metal, plastic, etc.

5. I love Christmas!!! I normally start to decorate the house the day after Halloween. I love to look at all the decorations for as long as possible! I am so excited for Isabelles first Christmas!

6. My favorite scrappy companies are Prima and Basic Grey. I have so many scrappy crushes at LCOM too!!

7. I have lived in my home for about 2 1/2 years. I grew up in the city, but it wasn't for me. I love where we are now - quiet and private!

8. I love to shop!! I never used to when I was younger, but I sure do now! I have a penchant for accessories - scarves, hats, jewellery, shoes, etc.

9. I am so lucky to have the best scrappy friends! Amanda and Em live close, and I love that they can come over for a glass of wine and some scrapping! I wish my Tinkie lived closer, cause I'd love to be able to scrap with her too!

10. I am addicted to potato chips! Haha. Ok, just food in general! Hehe

Would you like to get a RAK? How about a Karen Foster advent calendar?? Sign up to follow my blog, as well as the LCOM blog, and I'll enter your name!!! If you are already a follower you are in too!!

Here is my ScrapCapture of Zoe's gorgeous Layout! My beautiful Bella is my subject :)

A night for me??

Last night was great! I met my sister Kathryn and friend Shelley, and we went to the Ambiance Day Spa Christmas Open House. I wasn't sure what to expect having never attended before. Well it was awesome! I got my eyebrows waxed, a hand facial, a hand massage, a back and shoulder massage, my hair cut, and my makeup done - all for free!! It is a really great idea on their part so you can try out different services and see what you like, and see what the spa looks like - it is beautiful inside! Plus there were lots of goodies to eat and drink - all made by the staff! I will definately be back next year, and hopefully booking some appointments for spa services! Hint hint.. Christmas presents Gilles!
After the spa we went to get a bite to eat, then I went to Moms to pick up my little Love :) It was so great to get out, to spend some time with the girls, but I always miss Isabelle too.
Oh yes, I also got a call from my friend Zoe that she won me a ticket to go see a private screening of New Moon tonight!! Can't wait!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Great weekend!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I sure did!
Friday morning I went uptown with Mom and Bella, got a few Christmas gifts, and had a great late lunch at Coras! I love spending time with Mom, and she is so in Love with Isabelle :) We are a lucky family! Crazy, yes we are very, but we love each other!
I hung out with Isabelle and Gilles Friday night, had pizza and watched a movie :)
Saturday I went to the Mall and Old Navy with Isabelle, Em, Amanda and Bridget, and had a great time! We were a little squished in my car, but we (and all of our purchases!) fit in there somehow! I got a couple Christmas dresses for my little monkey, and a couple shirts for me! You know, I'm so lucky to have them as friends, they are so easy to be with and talk to..definately the forever kind of friends. Now, if I can just get Tanya to move down here....
Saturday night the girls came over to scrap. I got 2 l/os done, had some wine and nachos too! I really really need to clean that room though, wow! It's crazy down there!
Sunday I went to a Mary Kay open house with Amanda and Bridget. I ordered some stuff for my dry lips, some really pretty eyeshadow, and some hand cream. There were great chocolate truffles and hot apple cider there too! Yummy!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ooh my first blog hop!

Well, the first one that I will a blog to be hopped! LOL
The LCOM DT - on which I am the DT Coordinator - is having its first Blog Hop on Friday, November 20th at 8pm AST!! We are doing a scraplift, and there will be a chance to win some scrappy goodies!! See you Friday night!! http://letscaptureourmemories.blogspot.com/


I went to get my first filling today, and it hurts now that the freezing is out!! I think I would rather have just gotten a tooth pulled! And I told the dentist that! LOL I swear, if I wasn't nursing, I'd be downing some martinis right now!
I also got my hair chopped off some more today. It was about halfway down my back when I gave birth to Isabelle, then I got a lot cut off a couple months later. Today its just above my chin - the shortest I have ever had it! It feels so nice right now! We'll see what I think tomorrow hahaha. Aw well, grows back right??

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hmm, that wasn't there before...was it?

So I have been needing some retail therapy, and some new clothes to fit my post prego body. So Gilles took me to Old Navy last night, I was so excited, I mean, who doesn't love new clothes!!! Soooo, I grab some jeans and head to the changing room. Yes, the dreaded changing room..with their harsh lighting and giant mirrors...I had forgotten your horrors...On go the jeans..well, almost. Ok, I used to be that size, wth happened!? Held back the tears and frustration, left the changing room and gave the girl back all three pairs. I told Gilles we could go. He said no, go get another size! I tried to explain to him that he just didn't understand. You have been the same size the entire time we have known each other I said to him. He tried to convince me that he was the fat one, and to go get another size. God love him LOL. So I did, and I sucked it up and got the next size up. I will admit, I held it together until we got to the car, then there were some tears. My poor hubby, I know he doesn't understand, and probably thinks I am completely mental. I finally told myself to suck it up. Isabelle is worth having larger hips and a baby belly now, and frankly, so are the potato chips hahaha, cause I do not have the willpower to give them up. Well, unless I have to go back to that house of horrors called a waiting room and see my baby belly in that giant mirror again!

On a happier note hehe, I want to get Blog traffic up big time on the LCOM Blog!!! I am offering a RAK for new members up until November, so check it out!!


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

How did she get so big!?

Omg, I am sitting her watching Isabelle in her Baby Einstein jumper, and wondering how she got SO big SO fast! She is standing up in there, jumping up a storm, watching tv, talking.. (well, you know, baby talk lol) I Love her little voice!! It is amazing to me that she is 5 months old already, it seems like just the other day that I was showing Gilles the positive pregnancy test! She amazes us every day, and we still just sit and stare at her sometimes. We can't believe she is ours. Can't believe that after thinking we would not be able to conceive - she is here, and she is perfect. She is so smart! And so nosey! LOL I am trying to get her to eat oatmeal on a spoon, and well, its interesting to say the least! She wants to look around at everything else but me and the spoon! I think some is getting in her tummy, but most of it is on her face, bib, and me haha. Makes for some very cute pictures though! I can't wait to scrap them!! Right now she is watching Harold and the Purple crayon - I think this was more of an American tv show, as i don't know anone who has heard of it around here. I watched it on Beta when I was a kid, my Dad had ordered it for me from the states, and it was my bedtime story :) She seems to like it. Well time to get her out of the jumper, she is getting cranky!

Monday, November 9, 2009

First Blog Post!

Ok, bear with me, this is definately a work in progress! I guess I had never really thought about having a blog before...who will read it, who would want to?? Well, I decided after looking at the awesome blogs that my scrappy friends do - I'll give it a shot! Maybe it's more for me after all? We will see!!

So, a little bit about me! My name is Amy, I live near Saint John, NB with my Husband of one year, Gilles, my beautiful 5 month old Daughter Isabelle, and our black lab - Shadow.
I scrapped on and off for a couple of years, but am definately addicted now!! I love to scrap pics of Isabelle, and I love altered projects! I just love to create!
I was asked a few months ago by one of my very best friends - Tanya - to be the Design Team Coordinator for her Awesome scrapbooking site and store - Lets Capture Our Memories! I was so surprised and excited!! Me?? Really?? Wow! And I love it! Getting an awesome kit each month to work with, seeing what the amazing ladies on the DT come up with each month, it's awesome! I feel very lucky to have all my LCOM ladies, they are an awesome bunch - always there for you, its really like a scrappy family!!