Monday, November 30, 2009

It's 11:35 pm...

And I'd sure like to be sleeping! But I'm not, so here we are. Apparently Isabelle once again thinks that night time is kick Mum time, and day time is for sleeping :) Aw well, I get some bruises and sleep half the day! LOL
There is a lot going on at LCOM right now! We have gotten our names for Secret Santa, so I'll be packing mine up some goodies and mailing them out this week. It looks like the Secret Santa reveal will be Christmas Eve, so that will be fun! It'll be cool to see who got who.
We are also doing an LCOM Holiday Wish List - you can go into the store, pick out some goodies you would like to have, then email your list to Tink. Get your hubby to contact Tink with what he would like to spend, she will pick out some goodies for you, wrap them up and ship them out for Christmas! Also a great idea for your friends and family who aren't sure what to get you!
Tomorrow we are kicking off LCOMs 12 Days of Christmas! We will have prizes every day - just for signing into the right thread at the right time! We will also have a DT challenge each day, as well as new sales each day! Come join us and win some goodies!!
Ok, the kicking has calmed a bit, maybe I can go to sleep now! Cross your fingers for me!

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