Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hmm, that wasn't there before...was it?

So I have been needing some retail therapy, and some new clothes to fit my post prego body. So Gilles took me to Old Navy last night, I was so excited, I mean, who doesn't love new clothes!!! Soooo, I grab some jeans and head to the changing room. Yes, the dreaded changing room..with their harsh lighting and giant mirrors...I had forgotten your horrors...On go the jeans..well, almost. Ok, I used to be that size, wth happened!? Held back the tears and frustration, left the changing room and gave the girl back all three pairs. I told Gilles we could go. He said no, go get another size! I tried to explain to him that he just didn't understand. You have been the same size the entire time we have known each other I said to him. He tried to convince me that he was the fat one, and to go get another size. God love him LOL. So I did, and I sucked it up and got the next size up. I will admit, I held it together until we got to the car, then there were some tears. My poor hubby, I know he doesn't understand, and probably thinks I am completely mental. I finally told myself to suck it up. Isabelle is worth having larger hips and a baby belly now, and frankly, so are the potato chips hahaha, cause I do not have the willpower to give them up. Well, unless I have to go back to that house of horrors called a waiting room and see my baby belly in that giant mirror again!

On a happier note hehe, I want to get Blog traffic up big time on the LCOM Blog!!! I am offering a RAK for new members up until November, so check it out!!


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