Monday, November 16, 2009

Great weekend!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I sure did!
Friday morning I went uptown with Mom and Bella, got a few Christmas gifts, and had a great late lunch at Coras! I love spending time with Mom, and she is so in Love with Isabelle :) We are a lucky family! Crazy, yes we are very, but we love each other!
I hung out with Isabelle and Gilles Friday night, had pizza and watched a movie :)
Saturday I went to the Mall and Old Navy with Isabelle, Em, Amanda and Bridget, and had a great time! We were a little squished in my car, but we (and all of our purchases!) fit in there somehow! I got a couple Christmas dresses for my little monkey, and a couple shirts for me! You know, I'm so lucky to have them as friends, they are so easy to be with and talk to..definately the forever kind of friends. Now, if I can just get Tanya to move down here....
Saturday night the girls came over to scrap. I got 2 l/os done, had some wine and nachos too! I really really need to clean that room though, wow! It's crazy down there!
Sunday I went to a Mary Kay open house with Amanda and Bridget. I ordered some stuff for my dry lips, some really pretty eyeshadow, and some hand cream. There were great chocolate truffles and hot apple cider there too! Yummy!!


  1. i had so much fun being squished into YOUR car!!


  2. I had so much fun too, thanks, girls!! Even if I was squished I was between the 2 most adorable little girls ever!