Tuesday, November 10, 2009

How did she get so big!?

Omg, I am sitting her watching Isabelle in her Baby Einstein jumper, and wondering how she got SO big SO fast! She is standing up in there, jumping up a storm, watching tv, talking.. (well, you know, baby talk lol) I Love her little voice!! It is amazing to me that she is 5 months old already, it seems like just the other day that I was showing Gilles the positive pregnancy test! She amazes us every day, and we still just sit and stare at her sometimes. We can't believe she is ours. Can't believe that after thinking we would not be able to conceive - she is here, and she is perfect. She is so smart! And so nosey! LOL I am trying to get her to eat oatmeal on a spoon, and well, its interesting to say the least! She wants to look around at everything else but me and the spoon! I think some is getting in her tummy, but most of it is on her face, bib, and me haha. Makes for some very cute pictures though! I can't wait to scrap them!! Right now she is watching Harold and the Purple crayon - I think this was more of an American tv show, as i don't know anone who has heard of it around here. I watched it on Beta when I was a kid, my Dad had ordered it for me from the states, and it was my bedtime story :) She seems to like it. Well time to get her out of the jumper, she is getting cranky!

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