Sunday, December 6, 2009

LCOM DT Reveal and then some...

The LCOM DT reveal was this past Friday evening, and here are a few pics of my work :) Ok, more than a few lol. But I like them all!

I had a great weekend. Friday night we stayed in and watched a movie....but then Friday night I couldn't get to sleep for some reason?? Isabelle went to sleep, but I couldn't for hours. Then I was up a few times to feed her, so I only got about 2 hours of sleep. Saturday morning I got ready for the crop - packed up my scrappy supplies and packed up Isabelle to take her to Mom and Dads for the day. I always feel like I am forgetting something when I leave the house...and Saturday I really did. I was almost to Moms and realized I forgot Isabelles bottles. Well I was going to be scrapping for about 7 hours, so I think she may need some food in that time! Luckily Gilles drove them in so I didn't have to drive back home :)
Ok, off to the crop! It was at KVHS, a charity crop for one of the LCOM ladies MelW - for Jostens Renaissance. I sat with Emily and Kelly - I had really been missing Em (yeah, she lives down the street lol) and I hadn't seen Kel in awhile, love scrapping with her! Plus Em brought me and awesome Christmas gift!! Love you!
The food was really good, Kelly had the tunes going, and I got a few DT l/os done, and a few cards for challenges! Not too shabby! I ate way too much, had about 4 skor squares! They are too good!! Tanya was there with the LCOM store which was awesome as usual!! Picked up some orders plus some! The new Maya Rd goodies are so beautiful! And seeing Tanya always brightens my day. I also won a couple cool door prizes, and won some of MelWs gorgeous cards in the Silent Auction!! I wish mine were that good!!
After the crop I went to my sisters house as my parents had Isabelle there for a visit. I ended up staying awhile, it was nice to spend time with the family! Kathryn had some great goodies for me too from her trip to the states. I drove home really slowly as it had been raining and snowing, and the rds were slippery and there was quite a bit of water down.
We woke up Sunday morning to everything being covered in a perfect white blacket of snow! Now, I am not a fan of winter, snow or cold... but there is no denying the beauty of that first snow when everything is pure white and sparkly and clean. I got a pic of the backyard to scrap. Plus Shadow loves to dive into the snowbanks which is always good for a laugh! Gilles got the studded tires on the car, and brought the tree in tonight, it looks so nice! I can't wait to get it decorated!!


  1. had so much fun cropping with you and kelly.

    can't wait to see your tree!!!!

  2. I loved seeing you and the girls! I miss you!

    Your layouts are fab!