Friday, July 9, 2010

Heat Heat GO Away!!!!!

Ok, I LOVE summer, but this heat is killing me! Its awful being sticky all day! And yes, I know that in a few short months I'll be whining about the awful winter LOL. Thank goodness we have the pool so at least we can all hop in and cool off for a few minutes. I really hope to get some scrapping done this weekend, I haven't even started on my LCOM DT kit yet, and I can't wait to! Hopefully tomorrow I will be hanging out with Emily and Amanda too! Gilles is off to a skeetshooting competition, hope he does well!
I was checking out Tim Holtzs blog this afternoon - OMG the new papers are Awesome! The vintage looking tags are my fav! Can't wait to see these IRL and hopefully pick some up! Same as the new stamps! I just want everything that he makes! I wish I had his talent and imagination!
Well off to tend to my cranky baby LOL, I don't think this heat is doing much for her either, even with only a diaper on!

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